Hops-Meister, LLC
Fresh Organic Hops
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Seasonal Hop Products

  • Fresh hops are available as early as late July through the end of August, depending on Mother Nature.
  • Whole dry hops flowers are baled and available by bale after harvest, by advance preorder only.
  • Pellet hops, vacuum sealed in 5 and 10 pound bags, are available for the current year’s crop about six to eight weeks after the end of harvest.
  • Hops infused oil for salads and for cooking is available by request as well.
  • Certified Organic Rhizomes are available beginning early February to get your garden or hopyard started early.

P.O. Box 3366 | Clearlake, CA 95422 | 415.828.3086 | Fax: 415.924.5809 | sales@hopsmeister.com

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