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Fresh Organic Hops
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We currently offer:

  • Glacier
  • Mt. Hood
  • Willamette
  • Cascade
  • Chinook
  • Centennial
  • Columbus
  • Magnum
  • Ivanhoe®
  • Gargoyle®
We have rejuvenated two of the original California Cluster varieties, making them commercially available for the first time in over half a century.

Ivanhoe®, has a spicy floral nose. Gargoyle®, has a citrusy mango nose. Both have been well received by our microbrewery customers!


The warmer California winters and lower latitude allows for our harvest to begin in late July, lasting through the end of August or beginning of September, depending upon Mother Nature’s desire. This permits fresh hops to be an addition to your summer recipe for a refreshing late summer beverage, as well as your traditional harvest recipes.

It also allows extra time to prepare for events like the Great American Beer Festival and other competitions using fresh hops. Using fresh hops might get you gold!

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